Imminent Danger of A New World Order

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Imminent Danger of A New World Order

History usually repeats itself.

But do you ever get the sense events which habitually shape our world are manipulated by a powerful few who continue to operate beneath the radar?

Actually, cut that thought. Or better still, park it to the left, and try as best you can to ignore it for a few moments’, so we can focus on some other important questions. Don’t worry, we’ll come back to it in due course. For now, just pretend I didn’t say anything at all.


What would you do for a life of peace, security, and financial security?

How far would you be willing to go in order to be guaranteed of such a life?

What would you be willing to sacrifice for your personal well-being?

These are questions I often ask myself whenever I watch the Star Wars prequel.
For me, the prequel is not just a tragic love story, but an ‎all-powerful leader’s manipulation of a young boy’s desperation for security (keeping his wife and family safe), peace, love, and order. Anakin Skywalker’s fear of a life without his beloved Padme results in an eventual surrender to his fears, thus giving-in to hatred, anger and the inevitable rise of lord Vader.

His fears and anxieties are not too dissimilar to those of the majority of societies in today’s western world.

But before analysing this in more detail, let’s consider how the emperor manipulated the young lad.

The emperor’s ploy was simple – divide and conquer. By engineering suspicion and hatred between different factions, he was able to justify the need for a new world order; one in which most individuals had very little say about their lives.

Fear is one of the most effective tools for getting people to do as you wish. Show or permit the grim alternatives to occur, and they will succumb to your otherwise unappealing policies without so much as a ‘why?’.

From the US, to Germany, to France, to the UK, today’s fears are two-fold – 1. Financial Insecurity, and 2. Security.

Financial Insecurity

According to the Institute For Fiscal Studies, on average, the wages of people living in the UK are 3% below what they were a decade ago. Or better still, annual wages are £800 lower. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out we haven’t recovered from the financial crisis of 2007/8. Meanwhile, the costs of living continue to rise. And to make matters worse the rich are getting absurdly richer and financial institutions that were bailed out by state funds have more or less returned to shelling out the same ludicrous salaries of pre-2007/8.

Bit of a slap in the face, don’t you think??!!

But the average man / woman on the street considers only the precarious nature of his or her personal (financial) situation – uncertainty, austerity, and insecurity. The more he or she considers the harsh reality on ground the more his /her frustration and anger increases. And as I’m sure you agree, when one is angry, one usually finds a way to vent.

However, rather than focus on the reality on ground – a system that is geared towards an ever increasing gap between rich and poor, it is far simpler to blame foreign nationals for taking all the jobs.

But exactly what jobs are the majority of these people taking? – mostly manual labour ones, such as cleaning, farm-hands, transport staff etc. Indeed, should eastern Europeans decide to leave the UK en-mass, supermarkets would probably run out of fruit and veg within a week!

In other words, most foreigners are doing the jobs the average British citizen is too proud to take on.

The financial insecurity and uncertainty that presently plagues most homes is not a consequence of looser immigration laws or European Union, but a matter of little or zero recovery from the 2007/8 recession. And I’m not just talking about the UK. The financial state of most leading economies during the past decade has been shaky at best.


Do you feel safe in today’s world?

Do I feel safe?

In truth, not really. One’s general peace of mind is hampered by a constant fear of where terrorists may strike next. But is it possible that we have been systemically indoctrinated to live in fear and suspicion of one another during the past decade? After-all, terrorist atrocities have been occurring for over a century – be-it IRA bombings, Hamas, ETA or the PLO. The difference today is the might of the media, and how events are reported. For example, several weeks ago, the lead story of the BBC news ran as follows;

“One of the leaders of the cell that spearheaded the London Bridge attack was a Libyan who had been granted asylum in the UK”.

I was outraged. The thought of showing mercy and charity to an individual, only for him to turn around and literally bite the hand that so very kindly agreed to feed him was not only upsetting but made me question why Britain or any other European nation should so easily allow citizens of war-torn middle eastern countries to enter in the first place.

And then it hit me.

Isn’t that exactly what the aim is?! – to sow suspicion and anger in our minds so as to garner support for pre-planned policies that are designed to take away our liberty??

Brexit, Trump, and immigration policies which scrupulously constrain our freedom of movement are just a few of the consequences of the fear-mongering that has plagued the minds of millions across the globe. However, the most worrying trend of recent times is the rise of far-right movements in Europe and North America.

The reason Far-right movements are gaining influence and momentum across the world with such consummate ease is quite simple – opportunity not only knocked but kicked those hallowed entrance doors wide open. Fear of terrorism and extremist groups has led to large segments of societies demanding tougher immigration policies. What better way for far-right groups to mask their real and perceived intolerance of foreign nationals than placing themselves under the ‘security’ banner?!!

However, even this recent turn of events isn’t new. History tells us such movements / parties tend to gain credence and popularity during periods of economic hardship and political uncertainty. And most notably, the majority are male. The reason for this is glaring – a complete decimation of pride and masculinity as a result of  financial degradation; a hapless and unfortunate status that usually leads to an unseemly mix of entitlement and resentment.

This excerpt from an article by Michael Kimmel in the Guardian UK succinctly sums up my point.

‘I have interviewed over 100 current or former extremists, including American neo-Nazis and white supremacists, jihadists and Islamists’ in Canada and Great Britain, and anti-immigration skinheads in Europe……I heard many stories of what I came to call aggrieved entitlement: a gendered sense of entitlement thwarted by larger economic and political shifts, the ambitions choked, their masculinity lost.’

The irony of-course is that the fear of our lands being infiltrated by extremist groups and our inherent desire for security has led to many running into the wide open arms of….er….well…..extremist groups.

And what happens next?

Suspicions, anger, and hatred will rise to a point at which the protests we witnessed in Germany a few weeks ago will not only become the norm but grow more violent and malevolent in nature until governments will have no alternative but to instigate a new world order; one in which our freedom to freely move between borders is viciously curbed, and the rights of individuals to practice different faiths is taken away. If we continue to allow ourselves to be swayed by what for the most part is orchestrated fear, tomorrow’s world could well be one of closed borders, religion-free, and a systematic dismantling of individual rights.

So, I ask again – what would you be willing to sacrifice for your security?

Would you be willing to relinquish your sense of human decency, love and tolerance of other races and creeds?

Or have you always had a hidden or subconscious desire for a restriction of cross-border movement and inter-racial relations?  Hey – if that’s the case, I judge you not; as every man and woman has a right to believe in whatever he or she wants.

But before you run into the arms of a far-right movement in your vicinity, or vote for another four years of Trump, ask yourself this question;

Is it really what you want, or are you being manipulated by the agenda of a handful of individuals whose objective has absolutely nothing to do with your personal well-being?